Safety is our number one priority.

Tilo is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM, EN71, Health Canada and AS/NZS safety standards.

Safety Image
Spokeless wheels, with steel ball bearings for a smooth, safe ride.
Extended seat, made of weather-resistant polyethylene accommodates riders of different sizes.
Rubber safety stops to prevent pinch points
Solid Polyurethane tires for durability
Powder coated, steel frame ensures longevity.
Soft TPR handle grips for ultimate comfort
Internal pedal hardware keeps children's feet safe

Sounds like a lot of safety testing – and it is.

But the experience a child has on our products is second only to the safety of the product. Small examples such as our seating system that utilized a heavy-duty rear stabilizing bar for added support; spokeless wheel design; rubber safety stops that prevent pinch points and allow for maximum turn radius; and full foot pedals which help riders of varying skill levels master the advanced gross motor skills of a tricycle.


Tilo is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with:
  • ASTM
  • EN71
  • Health Canada
  • AS/NZS
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